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Do your gutters overflow when it rains?

Do you have moss on the floor?

Can you see plants or grass growing out of them?

These are just a few of the tell-tale signs that you have blocked gutters.

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Wirral Gutter Cleaning

Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Need to Have Your Gutters Cleaned Out

  • Damp. Rainwater overflowing from blocked gutters hits the ground below and splashes against the brickwork or render. If the rainwater continues to splash against the bricks or render, it can lead to causing damp in the property.

  • Flooded basement. Another problem caused by rainwater overflowing from a blocked gutter is finding its way into a basement and creating havoc if your home has one.

  • Gutter pulls away from your property. Blocked gutters can become extremely heavy because of the buildup of dirt, grass, and water. If the gutters aren’t cleared out, they can start to pull away from your property and come crashing down onto the floor below. Keeping your guttering clear of debris will help to avoid them falling away from your property.

  • Wood rot and damp in the attic. When gutters are full of debris, rainwater has nowhere to go. Inevitably, the rainwater will overflow at the front of the gutter and splash on the floor below. The rainwater can also overflow behind the guttering into the attic. As you can imagine, rainwater finding its way into the attic will eventually cause wood rot, damp, and mould in the roof space.

  • Damage to landscaping. Blocked gutters will cause rainwater to overflow and pool below the gutter. Flower beds are decimated, ponds can overflow, and pathways become flooded.
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When Is The Best Time to Have My Gutters Cleaned Out?

If you have blocked gutters, then the best time to have them cleaned out is NOW.

As part of general home maintenance, it is best to clean out gutters at the beginning of spring and autumn.

We recommend cleaning out your gutters twice per year.

However, where you live will depend on how often you need them clearing out.

A property surrounded by trees will need to have the gutters cleaned out more often than a property with none.

Can I Clean Out my Own Gutters?

Sure, you can.

All you need is a set of long, sturdy ladders, a head for heights, and a good level of physical fitness.

As long as you feel comfortable going up ladders with the necessary tools for clearing out the gutters, you should be okay.

Before you begin, check the weather forecast and make sure there are no high winds.

When you are at the top of a ladder, the wind’s force feels 10 times stronger than when you are on the ground.

Another tip you might want to take into consideration is to make sure the ground isn’t slippy.

If the ground is slippery, the ladders could slide out from under you.

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On Average, Our Customers Save 30% on the Cost of Gutter Cleaning

Not only do we provide the best gutter cleaning service on the Wirral, but we also offer the best prices.

Year upon year, our customers ask us back to clean out their gutters.

The reason is simple.

We are a small family business, and we don’t charge extortionate prices.

We don’t have the huge overheads like the big cleaning firms.

If you call a big cleaning firm, you should expect to pay a hefty bill because they have huge overheads.

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Save Money on Gutter Cleaning Costs

Whether you need 1 length of gutter cleaning or 20 lengths of gutter cleaning, we will always do our best to give you the best price possible.

If your property has multiple lengths of gutter, we may be able to offer you reduced rates.

Save even more money by combing gutter cleaning with fascia cleaning!

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